May 24, 2016


Well-groomed Woman Legs After Depilation Isolated on White Background

Would you like a smooth and silky skin? Learn everything you need to know about waxing!

1. Which type of wax should I use for different parts of the body? Underarm hair, in the groin and on the face, is thicker than the hair on the legs and it is recommended to use a special type of wax. A certain smoother and hot wax is to be used to treat these delicate and sensitive areas.
Also, it’s good to stretch the wax with a spatula, rather than with a band, to avoid skin irritation.

2. What type of hair removal is recommended for girls who have never waxed before? For the first time, it’s ideal wax at a beauty center. The estetician will choose the most suitable wax for you, epilation will be mild, well done and it will not hurt so much. While if you were shaving at home, you will need a lot of courage to pull alone the strip of wax and it’s definitely going to hurt and scare you so much that you will not want to try it a second time.

3. What should I do after I have waxed ? After the epilation, it will emerge all sorts of red spots on the skin: it is very normal for that to happen. It could take several hours until the spots will disappear completely. In the mean time, it is imperative not to expose yourself to the sun.
For 24 hours after shaving, it is prohibited to exfoliate your skin in that area because it will still be extremely sensitive .
It’s best to apply a moisturiser and await 24 hours for your skin to recover.

4. Is the epilation at the salon better than the one at home? Yes, because at the salon you hand yourself in the hands of the expert and you try to relax a little, while at home, you will be all too stressed when you have to pull the strips of wax and this way the pain will be greater.

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